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“[Sequentia] performs with both scholarly insight and dramatic verve.”

—The New Yorker

Sequentia's website


Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 8pm
St. Paul Church, Cambridge

Online ticket sales haved ended. Seats will go on sale at St. Paul Church on Saturday evening at 6:30pm.

Mystical Voices of Medieval Germany: Masterpieces of the Benedictine visionary and composer Hildegard von Bingen

Perhaps the most innovative and revered ensemble performing Medieval music in the world, Sequentia returns to BEMF with a selection of some of the most exciting and expressive vocal music of the High Middle Ages in Germany. Benjamin Bagby leads an ensemble of ten singers and instrumentalists in a program featuring exquisite and expressive music by Benedictine visionary and composer Hildegard von Bingen, and evocative works from the mystical poets of German courts, schools, and cloisters.

This program marks the culmination of three decades of work by Sequentia to perform and record the complete works of Hildegard von Bingen. Started in 1982 by the ensemble's late co-founder Barbara Thornton, this enormous project honors a truly unique visionary and composers whose masterpieces are among the most astonishing and unique creations from the dynamic milieu of 12th-century Benedictine monasticism. Elevated to the status of saint and doctor ecclesiae by the Vatican in 2012, Hildegard von Bingen was the creator of over 75 virtuosic spiritual songs of astonishing beauty and originality. This program explores her spiritual songs celebrating the celestial hierarchy of the saints, angels, prophets, apostles, and martyrs who populated the contemplative universe of Hildegard and her Benedictine sisters.


Anonymous: Audite, o lucis filie (12th century)
Hildegard von Bingen: O splendidissima gemma
von Bingen: O dulcis electe
von Bingen: O speculum columbe
von Bingen: O spectabiles viri
von Bingen: O cohors militie floris
von Bingen: Omnis genus instrumentorum (arr. Rodenkirchen and Bagby)
von Bingen: O victoriosissimi triumphatores
von Bingen: Kyrieleison
von Bingen: O vos imitatores excelse
Anonymous: Sol oritur occasus nescius (12th century)
von Bingen: Angeli deo ministrantes (arr. Rodenkirchen and Bagby)
von Bingen: O gloriosissimi lux
von Bingen: O vos angeli

Free pre-concert talk at 7pm with Professor Claire Fontijn