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Past Exhibitors


American Institute of Musicology
American Recorder Society
Amherst Early Music Festival
A-R Editions
Atelier des 7 cordes
Boaz Berney - Historical Flutes
Bizzi Clavicembali
Gary Blaise
The Boston Camerata
Boston Catlines
Boston Clavichord Society
Jean-Luc Boudreau Facteur de Flûtes, Inc.
Broude Brothers Limited / Performers' Editions
Campbell Harps
Adrian Card Decorative Painting
Centre De Musique Baroque De Versailles
Chorus pro Musica
Elena Dal Cortivo
Tim Cranmore Recorders
Cremona Musica e Liuteria
Robert H. Cronin
Sand N. Dalton, Baroque & Classical Oboes
Owen Daly Early Keyboard Instruments
Karl M. Dennis
Daniel Dietch Historical Woodwinds
Atelier Marc Ducornet
Carl Dudash Harpsichords
Early Keyboards Instruments
Early Music America
Early Music Institute, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University
Early Music Shop of New England
Éditions Minkoff
Warren Ellison
Peter Fisk Harpsichords
Folkers & Powell
Kevin Fryer Harpsichords
Editions J.M. Fuzeau
Gamut Strings
H. F. Grabenstein, Bowmaker
Harpsichord Clearing House
David Hawthorne
Richard Hester Fortepianos
Robert Hicks Harpsichords
Hubbard Harpsichords
von Huene Workshop, Inc.
Viola da Gamba-Peter Hütmannsberger
Claus Henry Hüttel - Maker and restorer of historical harps
Iesta USA
Timothy G. Johnson, Luthier
Kevin Joseph Kelly
Joop Klinkhamer
Henk Klop
Jakob Larson Recording
Lynne Lewandowski - Harps for Early Music
Margret Löbner Blockflöten
Longy School of Music
Maller Baroque Brass Instruments
Douglas Maple Harpsichords
Martin Harpsichords
Maurici Piano and Harpsichord
William McCarter Lid Paintings
William Monical & Son, Inc.
Charlie Ogle, Viol Maker
Parrish Relics Jewelry
Jack Peters Harpsichords
John Phillips Harpsichords
Simon Polak: Early Flutes
Prescott Workshop
R.J. Regier
Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd.
Leslie Ross Bassoons
The Scholar's Choice
Michael Schreiner Lutemaker
Seattle Baroque
Society for Historically Informed Performance
Spectrum Music
Takeyama Woodwind Instruments
Rudolf Tutz
Unprofitable Instruments
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Viseltear & Young Violins
Van der Voort - Historical Stringed Instruments
Hirotaka Watanabe, Lutemaker
David Werbeloff Harpsichords
Howard Wing Furniture
Allan Winkler Harpsichords
Charles Wolff Fine Keyboard Instruments
Yesterday Service at Cambridge Music Center
Yoav Ran Recorders
Dominik Zuchowicz