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Past Exhibitors


A & M Wood Specialty Inc.
Jeremy Adams, Instrument Maker
American Recorder Society
Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
Kenneth Bakeman, Fortepianos
Yves Beaupré, Facteur de Clavecins
Beha & Gibbons Historical Woodwinds
Clifford Boehmer, Clavichords
The Boston Early Music Center
The Boston Music Company
Boston University Program in Artisanry
Bosworth & Hammer Historical Woodwinds
David Brown Luthier
R. E. Bruné, Luthier
Roderick Cameron, Maker of Historical Woodwinds
Bryan F. Carroll Instrument Builder
Cavallaro Case Covers, Inc.
Leighton Clark, Harpsichord Maker
Charles Collier Historical Woodwinds
Country Dance and Song Society of America
Douglas C. Cox, Violin Maker
Tim Cranmore Recorders
Robert H. Cronin, Early Bassoons
Sand N. Dalton, Oboe Maker
Phillip Dickey, Baroque Flutes
Damian Dlugolecki, Stringmaker
Dovehouse Editions Canada
William Dowd, Harpsichord Maker
Robert Duffy Harpsichords
A.H. Dupree Harpsichords, Inc.
Early Music Facsimiles
Early Music Shop of New England
Éditions Les Goûts-Réünis
Éditions Minkoff
Editions Orphée, Inc.
European American Music Distributors Corporation
European American Retail Music Inc.
Festival de Musique Baroque, Inc.
Finke GmbH & Co.
Firma Vanparys
Catharine E. Folkers Historical Flutes
Carl Fudge Clavichords
Andreas Glatt Historical Woodwind Maker
Robert Greenberg Harpsichords
Jan Hanchet Historical Instruments of Musick
Neil Hansford, Viol Maker & Stringed Instrument Repair
Harmonia Mundi U.S.A.
Harpsichord Clearing House
Harvard University Press
Eric Herz Harpsichords, Inc.
Richard Hester Pianos
Hill & Tyre, Instrument Makers
Historical Brass Workshop
T.E. Hoeprich, Historical Woodwinds
Margaret Hood Historic Keyboard Instruments
Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc.
Bernhard von Hünerbein
International Harp Corporation
Paul Y. Irvin, Instrument Maker
Joel Katzman, Harpsichord Maker
Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
Paul E. Kennedy, Harpsichords
The King's Musicke
Richard Kingston Harpsichords
Joop Klinkhamer, Harpsichord Maker
John Koster, Harpsichord Maker
Blaise Lagrange, Luthier
Lehmann Stringed Instruments
Levin Historical Instruments
Lynne Lewandowski
Loretto Workshop
The Luthierie
Graham Lyndon-Jones & Barbara Stanley
Lyon Keyboard Instruments
Magnamusic Distributors, Inc.
Martin Harpsichords
Grant W. Moore Historical Oboes
Morgan & Dunstan Harpsichords
A. Eric Moulder
Musica Antiqua, Inc.
Musica Musica
Musica Sacra et Profana
John Nargesian Harpsichords
J.C. Neupert
New England Conservatory of Music
The Noack Organ Company, Inc.
Peter Noy Historical Woodwinds
D. A. Nugent, Luthier
Olde Yorke Musick Shoppe
Oxford University Press
Peabody Conservatory of Music
John Phillips Harpsichords
Pixton Harpsichords
Positif Press
Prescott Workshop
Theodore Presser Company
Matthew James Redsell Harpsichord Maker
R.J. Regier Early Keyboard Instruments
Ross Harpsichords, Inc.
Edouard Rusnac, Luthier
Michael Schreiner, Lute Maker
Peter Shoebridge, Porcelain Flutes
David Shorey Antique Flutes
John and Linda Shortridge
Robert E. Smith Fortepiano, Co.
Steven W. Sørli, Harpsichord Maker
Stubbs & Solomon, Instrument Makers
David Sutherland, Harpsichord Maker
Edward Swenson's Fortepiano Shop
Swiss Music Line, Inc.
Titanic Records
The Tourin Musica
Tsuji Organs
H. A. vas Dias
von Huene Workshop
J.W. Walker & Sons, Ltd.
Dennis G. Waring Instrument Maker
Donald Warnock, Instrument Maker
D. Jacques Way & Zuckermann Harpsichords, Inc.
Allan Winkler Harpsichords
Dominik Zuchowicz