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A-R Editions
Accord Music Supply Co.
Alamire Music Publishers
American Recorder Society
Amherst Early Music Festival
Ralph Ashmead - Maker of Historical Bows
Bégin Bows
Boston Catlines
Boston Early Music News
Bosworth & Hammer Historical Woodwinds
Jean-Luc Boudreau Facteur de Flûtes, Inc.
Broude Brothers Limited / Performers' Editions
Cambridge Harpsichords
Courtly Music Unlimited, Inc.
Robert H. Cronin
Sand N. Dalton, Baroque & Classical Oboes
Daniel Dietch Historical Woodwinds
Karl M. Dennis
Guy Derat
Carl Dudash Harpsichords
Robert Duffy Harpsichords
Early Music America
Early Music Shop of New England
Peter R. Fisk Harpsichords
Folkers & Powell
Kevin Fryer Harpsichords
Éditions J.M. Fuzeau S.A.
Thomas Vincent Glück, Maker of Clavichords
H. F. Grabenstein, Bowmaker
Daniel Guzmàn Historical Stringed Instruments
HMV Records
Tim Hamilton Harpsichords
Harms Historical Percussion
Harpsichord Clearing House
Richard Hester Fortepianos
Robert Hicks Harpsichords
Margaret Hood Fortepianos
Michiel de Hoog, Baroque Violins
Anden Houben Harpsichords
Hubbard Harpsichords
von Huene Workshop, Inc.
Viola da Gamba-Peter Hütmannsberger
Kaeser Instruments
Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
King's Music
Joop Klinkhamer Harpsichords
Peter Kobliczek Historical Wind Instruments
Andrew Lagerquist Clavichords
Daniel Larson Historical Instruments
Lynne Lewandowski - Harps for Early Music
Longy School of Music
Magnamusic Distributors, Inc.
Douglas Maple Harpsichords
Marriott's Custom House
Martin Harpsichords
Éditions Minkoff
William Monical & Son, Inc.
Monika Musch, Recorders
Bastian Muthesius, Stringed Instrument Maker
Peter Noy
Charlie Ogle, Viol Maker
OMI - Old Manuscripts & Incunabula
Oxford University Press
PGM Recordings
The Parley of Instruments
Jack Peters Harpsichords
John Phillips Harpsichords
Prescott Workshop
Reuning & Sons Violins
Riggall Bows
Mark S. Ritzenhein Fortepianos & Pianofortes
Malcom Rose & Karin Richter
The Scholar's Choice
David and Nina Shorey, Antique Flutes
Society for Historically Informed Performance
Steven W. Sørli, Harpsichord Maker
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society
Barbara Stanley
David Sutherland Harpsichord Maker
Takeyama Woodwind Instruments
Tower Records
Turner Recorders & Flutes
Stephen Tyler, Casemaker
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Hirotaka Watanabe, Lutemaker
D. Jacques Way & Marc Ducornet Harpsichords
Howard Wing Furniture
Allan Winkler Harpsichords
Yamaha Corporation of America
Yesterday Service at Cambridge Music Center
Dominik Zuchowicz
Zuckermann Harpsichords