2019 Festival Operas | June 9–16, 2019

Centerpiece Opera: Steffani’s Orlando

June 9, 12, 14 & 16, 2019 in Boston
In a fantastical world of wizards and dragons, the heartbroken knight Orlando spirals into self-doubt and madness in Steffani’s 1691 mastepiece, Orlando generoso. Delight in a captivating tale of intrigue and magic, with enchanted castles, an opulent foreign court, estranged lovers, a lecherous king, and a scheming wizard. Steffani’s stunning theatricality comes to life with gorgeous, period-inspired costumes, brilliant sets, breathtaking flying machines, and truly ravishing music.

Chamber Opera: VERSAILLES: Portrait of a Royal Domain

June 15, 2019 in Boston
June 21 & 22, 2019 in The Berkshires
June 23 at Caramoor

Experience a musical feast inspired by the splendor and majesty of Versailles at the height of Louis XIV’s reign. Enjoy two chamber operas, Charpentier’s Les Plaisirs de Versailles and Lalande’s Les Fontaines de Versailles, alongside divertissements from Lully’s incomparable opera Atys, in a stellar encore performance of the sumptuous 2016 BEMF Chamber Opera Series production.