2021 Virtual Exhibition | Affourtit Historical Bows

Boston Early Music Festival

My name is Pieter Affourtit, born in the Netherlands in 1963. After my violin studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, I worked as a freelance violinist in most of the important Baroque orchestras, including The Dutch Bach Society (www.allofbach.com).

From 1997 onwards, I started to combine my passion for woodworking with my skills as a musician, which led me to enter the fascinating world of making bows. Since then, I have divided my time between stage and workshop, which I feel is a wonderful combination, being able to make non-lasting art as well as long-lasting art, which in its turn contributes to the beauty of the first.

I am grateful to be able to make my bows for—and sell them to—many fantastic musicians from all over the globe. In the U.S. my bows can be found in the shop of my dear friend and fantastic violin maker Gabriela Guadalajara from NYC. You can find Gabriela and her work at www.gabrielasbaroque.com.

Together with Shunske Sato, one of the worlds leading violinists, I have made a documentary about Baroque versus modern instruments and bows, for a large part filmed in my house and workshop. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEOgzUkD-IY.

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Pieter Affourtit
Kasteellaan 28
NL-1628 KP Hoorn
The Netherlands
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