2021 Virtual Exhibition | Gabriela's Baroque

Boston Early Music Festival
Boston Early Music Festival

My love for music, arts, painting, creating things with my hands and my attempts to play cello brought me to discover instrument making as a career path. I am originally from Mexico City and I graduated from the Escuela de Laudería (violin making school) in Querétaro, México, under the direction of Maestro Luthfi Becker. In 1995, after a job offer, I moved to New York City and I’ve been living here ever since then.

These days I’m mostly dedicating my time to making Baroque style instruments: violins, violas and cellos as well as violas da gamba, from the pardessus to the 7 string bass viol.

I also used to do repair and restoration and I learned a lot from that, especially when I had the privilege to work at William Monical and Son for almost a decade. I really like the challenge of solving problems. Putting back together in playable condition, old instruments take a lot of time, concentration and space! That’s why for the last few years, I decided to focus only on new making. I really enjoy the creative part of the work, even if I have to follow many rules (Baroque style, proper set up and playability), but there is still a lot of room to do things my own way, from creating my own models to making my own varnish with natural resins and colors. I do have many influences but I don’t make exact copies; after all, that’s how the instrument makers in Baroque times created their own style and accomplishments!

The other part of our business is in string sales.  My husband, David and I have an online store where you can easily find all the options and we can also give advice and answer questions over the phone or by email. We can also, take orders for custom made strings if you have a particular need for a specific project or unusual instrument.

And we have beautiful baroque and classical bows for sale made by Pieter Affourtit. Pieter and I normally share booths at festivals, we’ve been working together for many years and we are a great team!

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