2021 Virtual Exhibition | Katrien Vandermeersch BaroC vof

Boston Early Music Festival

I have been active for more than 30 years building string instruments. I successfully completed my training as a violinmaker in Puurs, Belgium at Cmb “Centrum voor Muziekinstrumenten Bouw”. Additionally, I earned my Master’s Degree in Music with specialization in Musical Instruments / Violinmaking at the  School of the Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

Located in the small Belgian town of Turnhout, I am strategically located near Brussels (1h20”), The Netherlands (1h30” Amsterdam), and Germany (2h Köln). I've mostly worked alone in my workshop, but in the last years I've opened my workshop for student luthiers. We can still learn from one another.

I am a specialist in building Baroque instruments like the basse de violon (build in-the-air), the violoncello, the violoncello piccolo, the tenor viola, the viola, and of course the violin. My instruments are personal redesigned models based upon 17th Century Italian models, but are also inspired by the Flemish School. My main projects are the construction of the “basse de violon” (after G.  Bourbon), the construction of a Baroque 5-string cello or a tenor viola (after the Brothers Amati). Recently I also made a 5-string jazz  violoncello.

As a luthier, I use my 30 years of craftmanship in favor of the musician.  Therefore, I first listen, watch, and learn from the artist. From there, I create an instrument which allows the musician to express themselves as they truly are. It’s a perfect marriage between luthier and musician. Both parties contribute their own unique skillset to create a very personal instrument.

The most important festivals I attended in the past years (before the covid-19 pandemic): Boston Early Music Festival, US; Utrecht Festival Oude Muziek, NL; New Directions Cello Festival Köln, Germany; Berkeley Early Music Festival, US; Cello Festival Rütesheim, Germany.

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Katrien Vandermeersch BaroC vof
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Turnhout, Belgium
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