2021 Virtual Exhibition | Michael Schreiner, Maker of Lutes and Historical Guitars

Boston Early Music Festival
Boston Early Music Festival

Michael Schreiner builds replicas of historical lutes and guitars by commission for professional and dedicated amateur players. He has visited many museums and private collections in Europe and America to measure and photograph instruments of interest. Michael is inspired by visits to the laboratories and storage areas of museums, examining instruments that may not be on display due to excessive wear, damage, or lack of ornamentation. Michael finds that these instruments often yield important construction details that are not visible in displayed instruments. Michael is grateful to be able to emulate the graceful work of skilled historical luthiers.

Visitors to previous Exhibitions have often asked to hear Michael’s instruments--a request complicated by the buzz in the exhibition space. This year several musicians are playing Michael’s theorbos or Baroque guitars in Festival events. Charles Weaver is playing theorbo by Michael in the Festival Opera, Le Carnaval de Venise, and Daniel Swenberg is playing a theorbo and a baroque guitar by Michael in the ACRONYM show.

All of the instruments that Michael has built since 2011 have been featured in one or more posts in his blog.

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Michael Schreiner, Maker of Lutes and Historical Guitars
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