2021 Virtual Exhibition | Original Flutes

Boston Early Music Festival

OriginalFlutes is a small business and flute collection dedicated to providing information and access to historical flutes. In particular, we focus on collecting original instruments rather than modern copies. Of course, it isn’t possible to do this for the earliest flutes, but my collection has fine instruments from about 1765 on. It is possible to visit my collection by arrangement.

We serve as a educational resource to people looking for information on antique flutes, and help to supply instruments to people desiring them. I hear from several people a week looking for information about old flutes they own, and I endeavor to help them. I also appraise antique flutes. While our website is not a store, but a source of information on flutes, we do always have a selection of antique flutes, as well as previously owned recorders and baroque flutes, for sale. Our website provides not only excellent photos but recordings or videos of most of our instruments, as well as those we have sold in the past.

In addition to the website, you can find many videos and sound files demonstrating a very large number of historical flutes.

Visit www.youtube.com/michaellynnflute to access our videos

Visit www.soundcloud.com/mloberlin to access 300 sound files, mostly containing historical flute material.

I write regularly for a large number of magazines, including The American Recorder, Early Music America, Flute Talk, and the Flutist Quarterly, as well as a number of European flute and recorder publications. I also perform on and teach historical flutes. I give lecture/demonstrations on historical flutes at music schools and conservatories across the country.

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Original Flutes
Michael Lynn
Professor of Historical Flutes & Recorder
Oberlin Conservatory of Music