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Boston Early Music Festival

Saraband Music is Australia’s premier early music business. Established at the end of 1994 by Patrice Connelly, as a retail/wholesale, publishing and teaching business related to early music, the business continues under her leadership. Patrice is particularly well-known in the viola da gamba community having performed on viols, and taught since the late 1980s. She has an M.Mus (Hons) degree on the pedagogy of the viol from the University of Sydney, and has recently begun her PhD research at the University of Queensland with Elizabethan music and publishing as her topic.

Patrice began to publish modern editions of early music from 1996, and has specialised in music for viols, though that is by no means all that she has published. Saraband’s editions cover music for bowed strings, voice, keyboard, recorder, flute, ensembles as well as viol solos, duos and consorts. She has also published five books, among them her flagship edition, The Saraband Simpson, which contains both editions of Christopher Simpson’s The Division Viol, as well as her scholarly introduction and extra sets of divisions by Simpson’s contemporaries which Patrice edited. She is a skilled arranger of music, and also a composer, having twice won the Leo Traynor Competition for New Viol Music in 2009 and 2017. She has another publishing imprint, Concertino, specialising in educational music for string orchestra.

Saraband Music has adapted over the decades given the impact of technology and digital downloads. The business is the only supplier of historical strings in Australasia, and also has made a name supplying Baroque bows, including those by master bowmaker Louis Bégin from Canada. Accessories are also available, including the fabulous Leatherwood Rosin, made by Australian Andrew Baker. Saraband has also developed an exclusive range of greeting card designs which Patrice has made, together with Tony Jas who has designed Saraband’s website, the distinctive green and white covers for Saraband’s editions and many other features of Saraband Music.

Patrice has a diverse range of interests and experience, having previously qualified as a librarian, and then a naturopath, and worked extensively in both fields. One of her interests is genealogy, which features heavily in her musical research, including the introduction to The Saraband Simpson, as well as her current studies. Contact Patrice via email or phone for expert information and advice, as well as good, old-fashioned service with a smile.

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