2021 Virtual Exhibition | Timothy G. Johnson, Luthier

Boston Early Music Festival

Timothy G. Johnson has been making and restoring string instruments for over 30 years and instruments of the violin and viol families since 1990. A specialist in historical performance, he has created Renaissance, Baroque, and modern instruments for professionals worldwide. After earning degrees at Harvard and Longy School of Music, he received a degree in violin making and restoration from the Jacobs School of Music in 1993. He has gone on to do extensive research into string instrument design, acoustics, and ergonomics, applying them in practical ways to benefit performers.

Instrument optimization and tonal adjustments are very important to Johnson’s work. Also, the application of 16th century instrument geometry to develop new ergonomic designs has been a driving force in his work for the last two decades.  Whether working alone in his studio or working directly with a player, his aim is to eliminate pain and frustration, and reduce the work required of a player to make an instrument sound great.

His studio in Eastern Connecticut welcomes clients by appointment. Services include: new instruments tailored to the needs of the performer, expert restorations for modern and historical performance, acoustical analysis, and sound adjustments.

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Timothy G. Johnson, Luthier
448 Norwich Road
Plainfield, CT 06374
timothy@timothyjohnsonluthier.com | 860-710-2638


Marie Nadeau-Tremblay playing a 2009 Johnson Renaissance Violin

David Wilson playing his 2007 Johnson Baroque violin

Eric Smith playing his 2016 Johnson seven string viol

Yvonne Smith playing her 2016 Johnson Baroque viola

At the workshop