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Boston Early Music Festival
Boston Early Music Festival

Since its founding, the von Huene Workshop, Inc. has achieved international prominence for producing historical copies of recorders, flutes, and oboes of unparalled quality, as well as providing highly skilled repairs and service.

The late Friedrich von Huene began making recorders in 1958 after apprenticing with flute maker Verne Q. Powell. His high quality instruments quickly caught the attention of the professional players of the day, and in 1960, with Ingeborg von Huene managing the business details so Friedrich could concentrate on making recorders, the von Huene Workshop was established. In 1966, Friedrich received a Guggenheim grant which enabled him to gain access to museums and private collections across Europe (even behind the Iron Curtain), photographing, playing and measuring more than a hundred recorders, flutes, and other wind instruments. His research provided insights which revolutionized recorder making, introducing recorders based closely on 18th-century originals. In addition to the dozens of models of recorders and flutes produced by the von Huene Workshop through through half a century, Friedrich also designed recorders for German makers Moeck and Mollenhauer, and Zen-On in Japan, all of which were enormously popular.

In 1981, Patrick von Huene, who trained and worked as a professional chef, began working in the shop. By 1987 he was recognized as a skilled maker in his own right and took over as the workshop’s production manager. To maintain the highest standard of quality that the von Huene name had come to represent, Patrick set about standardizing and streamlining production, and reduced the number of models offered. In addition, the workshop served as North American repair agents for Moeck, Mollenhauer, Aafab, Küng and others. Voicing hundreds of recorders each year, he earned an international reputation among professional players, teachers, and other makers for his skill. Dan Laurin once commented, “Nobody knows a windway like Patrick von Huene.” Patrick and his talented staff are always available for advice and to consult on service and custom work.

In 1980, the Workshop opened its retail division, The Early Music Shop of New England, offering recorders by Moeck, Mollenhauer, Küng, Yamaha, Zen-On, (NB) and other makers as well as a wide selection of sheet music, facsimiles, books and accessories for recorder and other early instruments. The EMS is managed by recorder player, teacher and composer Eric Haas.

To see and hear our instruments, please visit www.vonhuene.com.

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