2021 Virtual Exhibition | Warren Ellison, Violin Maker

Boston Early Music Festival

Hi. Thanks for visiting the Festival’s virtual exhibit. I’m Warren Ellison, and I build, restore, and repair stringed instruments. I’ve been making modern and baroque violins, violas, cellos, and viola da gamba family instruments since the 1980’s.  Please take some time to look at the photos and my website.

I live and work in northern Vermont sharing a wood shop with the bow maker, Harry Grabenstein, another exhibitor at this Festival. We’ve been making sawdust at this shop since 1987. In those earlier years the shop was known as the Tourin Musica, and we worked with gamba maker, Peter Tourin. I still use all the vintage tools from back then but have also learned plenty of new tricks and refined techniques overs the decades. Early music keeps getting better.

Please look around and get in touch if you are interested in a new instrument. I’m always happy to talk about getting an instrument that would be just right for your needs. I’m happy to do custom work and historical research on your behalf. That always helps expand my learning curve and experience.

If you have an instrument needing repair or a fine antique needing restoration or Baroque conversion, please let me know. I’m experienced with many traditional restoration and touch-up techniques. As an instrument maker I start with raw materials and build every part from scratch as well as cook my own varnishes. So, repairs are most always possible and over the decades I’ve seen most everything. Whether your instrument might just need a new bridge and frets, or it’s got major cracks and needs a new neck I’m happy to offer my services.

Once again, thanks for visiting. Enjoy the show. Please contact me at webinfo@warrenellison.com or at my wood shop (802-899-2118).  Hopefully, I’ll be able to see you at a physical booth at the 2023 Boston Early Music Festival.

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Warren Ellison, Violin Maker
Jericho, VT
webinfo@warrenellison.com | 802-899-2118