2005 Festival

2005 Festival

Centerpiece Opera:

Boris Goudenow

Music and libretto by Johann Mattheson (1681–1764) | Learn more »

Festival Concerts:

Camerata Trajectina

The Perfect and Well-Equipped Ship: Dutch Shanties from the time of Czar Peter the Great

Jérôme Hantaï and Kaori Uemura, viola da gamba

Duets for Bass Viol from England and Northern Germany

Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra & Soloists

Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs, directors
Nights at the Opera: Highlights from Beloved BEMF Opera Productions

Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano

From Salzburg to St. Petersburg: A Fortepiano Travel Diary

Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music

Benjamin Bagby, director
Lost Songs of a Rhineland Harper

North German Organ Mini-Festival

featuring Edoardo Bellotti, Hans Davidsson, and William Porter
Fantasia in the Organ Music of the Renaissance and Baroque: An exploration of changing concepts of fantasia from Sweelinck to C. P. E. Bach


Oleg Timofeyev and Anne Harley, directors
Stesha! Gypsy Primadonna of 1820s Moscow

Solamente Naturali

Miloš Valent, director
Waild and Krejzy: Secular Music in 1730s Slovakia

BEMF Orchestra & Soloists

Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs, directors
Five Concerti and a Magnificat

Ensemble européen William Byrd

Graham O’Reilly, director
Music in Scandinavia from the Düben Collection: Composers working in Denmark and Sweden in the 17th century

The Boston Camerata

Joel Cohen, director
Carmina Burana: Medieval songs from the Benediktbeuren manuscript (ca. 1230)

The King’s Noyse

David Douglass, director
Lust hab ich ghabt zur Musica: The High Art of German Renaissance Folk Music

Blue Heron Renaissance Choir

Scott Metcalfe, director
Music for the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519) and for his daughter Marguerite of Austria (1480-1530)

Andrey Reshetin and Maria Kresintinskaya, violin

Peter Sykes, harpsichord
Music at the Russian Manor House in the Eighteenth Century

Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs, lute



Dueling Cantatas: The Italian Cantata in the hands of Mattheson and Handel