1983 Rameau’s Zoroastre

BEMF Opera | 1983 Centerpiece Opera

Rameau’s Zoroastre

May 24, 1983
Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

This is a magical story about the ancient Persian prophet and his struggle to save the Princess Amelite from the wicked sorcerer Abramane and his demons—a French Magic Flute. Zoroastre contains some of Rameau’s most expressive music: his sinister figures make our flesh creep, while the love music calls up the sublime. Here is not merely Rameau the craftsman, creating affects, but Rameau the wizard, conjuring good and evil presences. This staged American première features a superb international cast.


Martin Pearlman, Music Director
Philippe Lenaël, Stage Director
Violette Verdy, Choreographer
Eric Levenson, Set Designer
Roland Guidry, Costume Designer
N. B. Goldstein, Lighting Designer
Russell Johnson, Production Stage Manager
James Burton, Master Electrician

Featuring Banchetto Musicale
Martin Pearlman, Music Director


Sanford Sylvan, Zopire
James Maddalena, Abramane
John Osborn, Narbanor
Nancy Armstrong, Erinice
Janet Brown, Céphie
Sophie Boulin, Amélite
Jean-Claude Orliac, Zorastre
Michel Verschaeve, Oromazès & La Vengeance