1993 Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo

BEMF Opera | 1993 Centerpiece Opera

Monteverdi’s L'Orfeo

June 15, 16, 18, and 19, 1993
Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Monteverdi’s first opera, L’Orfeo, is a musically rich masterwork of immense historical importance. The BEMF L’Orfeo will convene, from around the world, leading interpreters of the music of Monteverdi and his contemporaries. Australia’s noted stage director, Simon Target, production designer James Middleton from Minnesota, and other members of BEMF’s production team, together with New York’s distinguished Renaissance dance specialist, Charles Garth, are sure to give the production international significance. Just as Orpheus’ music charmed all who heard it, the 1993 BEMF L’Orfeo will surely do the same, in a truly once-in-a-lifetime artistic and historical experience.

This production is presented in association with Ex Machina, Baroque Opera Ensemble (St. Paul)


Andrew Parrott, Musical Director
Simon Target, Stage Director
James Middleton, Production Designer
Charles Garth, Choreographer


Emily Van Evera, La Musica and Proserpina
Ellen Hargis, Ninfa and La Speranza
Joseph Cornwell, Orfeo
Maria Jette, Euridice
Danièle Forget, Messaggiera
Paul Guttry, Plutone
Mark Bleeke, Eco and Apollo
Roberta Anderson & Jean Danton, Ninfe
William Hite, Frank Kelley, Rodrigo del Pozo, Emery Stephens & Curtis Streetman, Pastori & Spiriti

Deena Grassia & Noah Racey

Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra
David Douglass & Robert Mealy, violin; Scott Metcalfe & Jane Starkman, viola; Emily Walhout, violoncello; Christel Thielmann & David Douglass, viola da gamba; Steven Lehning, violone; Bruce Dickey & Christel Thielman, recorder; Bruce Dickey & Doron David Sherwin, cornetto; Fred Holmgren, trumpet; Wim Becu, Charles Toet, Ronald Borro, Steven Lundahl & Mack Ramsey, sackbut; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp & keyboard; Paul O’Dette & Catherine Liddell, chitarrone; Andrew Parrott & Elisabeth Wright, harpsichord and organ; John Grimes, kettledrum