1997 Festival

1997 Festival

Centerpiece Opera:


Music by Luigi Rossi (ca. 1597–1653)
Libretto by Francesco Buti (d. 1683) | Learn more »

Festival Concerts:

The Orlando Consort

The Art of Mediæval Polyphony

Sarah Cunningham and Margriet Tindemans, viols
Elisabeth Wright, harpsichord

Angels & Devils: Music for bass viols and harpsichord

Rossi L’Orfeo Renaissance Violin Band

Peter Holman, director
Pour les Violons du Roy: French orchestral music from Beaujoyeux to Lully

Capriccio Stravagante

Skip Sempé, director
Mythologies and Homages

Trio Sonnerie
Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso

Conversations Galantes et Amusantes

Mala Punica

Pedro Memelsdorff, director
Tal per Sonar: Instrumental tablatures in the Italian Trecento

William Porter and Gary Cooper, harpsichord

Dueling Harpsichords

The Parley of Instruments

Pour le Coucher du Roy: Late-night chamber music at the French court

Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs, lutes

Il Divino: The Lute Music of Francesco Canova da Milano (1497–1543)

The Orlando Consort

Johannes Ockeghem (d. 1497): A True Image of Orpheus


Stephen Stubbs and Erin Headley, directors
Festa Italiana