Virtual Tickets

2022-2023 Season

Learn more about Virtual Events

For our 2022–2023 Season, all of our programs will be available for virtual viewing starting one to two weeks after the performance on our secure, online platform. Virtual Tickets will be included FREE with all in-person tickets or can purchased on their own.

BEMF first presented Virtual Events on this platform at our June 2021 Festival and as we wanted to answer some questions we have been asked about how your Virtual Tickets will work and how you can watch our Virtual Events at home.

To help our fans who want to see how best to view their Virtual Events at home, we are also introducing a free, sample Virtual Event. Tickets are free for this short video that you can use to test how you can access our Virtual Events at home. You can learn more in the section "How to watch a Virtual Event" below.

How will Virtual Tickets work?

How will Virtual Events work?

Streaming Player Error Codes

How to watch a Virtual Event

There are many different ways to enjoy the 2021-2022 Season Virtual Events, from watching on your computer or tablet, to streaming or screencasting to your television.  Please review these tips and make sure you test your setup before you sit down to enjoy our Virtual Events. When watching on your computer, please be sure to use a modern internet browser. More information about supported internet browsers can be found here »


Please click below to get a free Virtual Ticket to a short video.  You will go through the entire process as if you were buying a ticket, but no payment will be due. You will receive an email confirmation with a URL link and access code to watch the Sample Virtual Event.

FREE Sample Virtual Event

We have tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible, but we are unable to test all combinations of equipment. We would always invite you to consult the support pages for your specific devices if they are not mentioned here.

We want to specifically thank our colleagues at The Public Theatre in Lewiston, Maine, who did much of this research for their own events using the same video streaming platform.

What’s the best method for watching on your TV?

Streaming the video directly on your Smart TV is generally the easiest method, but you will need to have access to your email and an internet browser. You can also check your Smart TV for any “Chromecast Built In” or “Works with AirPlay” or “Fire TV” compatible labels, notices, or input sources if you need to screencast from a computer or handheld device onto your TV.


  • It is going to be easier to screencast between two devices made by the same manufacturer, such as from an iPhone to AppleTV or from an Android phone to Chromecast.
  • Make sure both of the devices you are trying to connect are connected to the same network.
  • Make sure your TV and any connected device (Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, etc.) are powered on.
  • Make sure your connected device is selected as the TV video source.
  • In all cases where you are essentially mirroring your screen, once you have connected and see your device’s screen on the TV, navigate to the browser tab where the video is open and rotate your device to fill the screen. Clicking the FULL SCREEN icon on the video player will give you the best picture.

About Web Browsers

You will need to use a modern internet browser to view your event. Please use one of the common modern browsers. The following browsers are officially supported by our video player page:

• Chrome for Android 34+
• Chrome for Desktop 34+
• Firefox for Android 41+
• Firefox for Desktop 42+
• Edge for Windows 10+
• Safari for Mac 8+ (beta)


If you are using a Windows PC or Android phone you are probably using Chrome as your browser, unless you have a newer Windows 10 PC equipped with Microsoft Edge, and haven’t installed Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Now standard on Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft Edge is based on Chrome and will work in a similar manner. Follow instructions above for PCs or Android devices to Chromecast.

DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

It does not support the streaming platform used. Please use Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you are still using an earlier version of Windows (7 or 8), you will be able to install these browsers. If you do not want to install a new browser and have any of the mobile devices described in the FAQ section, it may be easier to access your stream using those.


If you are using Safari, you are in the Apple world and should follow the instructions for Apple/AirPlay devices.


We will assume that if you are using Firefox, you will be familiar enough with its functions to determine if casting to your TV is possible. Here is a recent article regarding this: How to Use Chromecast on Firefox to Cast Movies to Your TV