Ensemble Clément Janequin

Festival Concerts | June 9–16, 2019

Ensemble Clément Janequin

Friday, June 14, 2019 at 11PM
Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA

Tickets will be sold prior to the performance at the venue.

The Banquet of Bacchus and Cupid: An orgy of decadence
Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Ensemble Clément Janequin remains one of the most enduringly delightful ensembles in the field today, with performances praised for sweetness, humor, and impeccable music-making. They perform for their third Boston Early Music Festival with a brilliant showcase of the vivacious humor and timeless grace of the Renaissance, from the lyrical chanson amoureuse to bawdy rustic ballads. Indulge in an evening of spirited works for voices and lute—on themes of love and decadence—by Janequin, Sermizy, Lassus, Attaingnant, and others.

“Singing that was sometimes sweet and smoothly blended, often raucous, frequently very funny and always virtuosic.”

—The Washington Post

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Dominique Visse, haute-contre; Hugues Primard, tenor; Vincent Bouchot, baritone; Renaud Delaigue, bass; Éric Bellocq, lute