The Tallis Scholars

2019–2020 Season

The Tallis Scholars

Peter Phillips, director

Friday, December 6, 2019 at 8pm
St. Paul Church, Cambridge

Reflections: Music of Byrd, Victoria, Tallis, Allegri, and others
Throughout the Renaissance, composers would bring their own unique perspectives and backgrounds when they set sacred music based on familiar, centuries-old chants. This holiday season, the legendary voices of The Tallis Scholars and director Peter Phillips will explore a handful of these seminal texts from the Salve Regina and Ave Maria to the Miserere and Magnificat in a fascinating program showcasing brilliantly contrasting settings from Spain, England, Italy, Mexico, and France. Two or more composers are featured for each set of sacred words, including Allegri and his famous Miserere, with music from such masters as Byrd, Victoria, Padilla, and the ensemble’s namesake, Thomas Tallis.

Pre-Concert Talk at 7pm.

Inspiring and deeply moving.”

—The Telegraph