2021–2022 Season


Joan Kimball & Bob Wiemken, Artistic Directors

Sunday, November 14, 2021
4pm | First Lutheran Church, Boston

Point/Counterpoint: Fuguing in Renaissance Music

Since 1980, the multi-instrumentalists of Piffaro have delighted audiences with polished performances of the diverse wind music of the late Medieval and Renaissance periods. In Piffaro’s final season with retiring founders and Artistic Directors Joan Kimball and Bob Wiemken, the ensemble returns to BEMF with a compositional journey featuring a vibrant selection of Renaissance counterpoint from Josquin, Lassus, Praetorius, and many others, which later developed into the formal Baroque fugal structures on which Bach built The Art of Fugue.

“Widely regarded as North America’s masters of music for Renaissance wind band.”

—St. Paul Pioneer Press

Pre-Concert Talk

Enjoy a pre-concert video featuring Piffaro Artistic Directors Joan Kimball and Bob Wiemken, moderated by BEMF Orchestra bassoon player Dominic Teresi.

Program Book


Point/Counterpoint: Fuguing in Renaissance Music

Arr. Piffaro: Fanfare
Jakob Obrecht: Fuga
Glogauer Liederbuch: Christ is erstanden à3
Heinrich Isaac: Christ ist erstanden à4
Heinrich Finck: Christ ist erstanden à5
Stephen Mahu: Christ ist erstanden à5
Johann Walter: Christ ist erstanden à4 “auf Bergreihenweis”
Walter: Christ ist erstanden Chorale à4
Johann Sebastian Bach: Christ ist erstanden Chorale BWV 276
Arr. Piffaro: Innsbruck, ich muess dich lassen
Isaac: Isprugk ick muess dich lassen
Anon. 16th c.: Bruder Conrads Tantzmass
Anon. 11th c.: A solis ortus cardine
Anon. 15th c.: A solis ortus cardine
Walter: Christum wir sollen loben schon à4
Walter: Christum wir sollen loben schon à5
Praetorius: A solus ortus cardine à4
Samuel Scheidt: A solus ortus cardine à4
Bach: Christum wir sollen loben schon à4
Arr. Piffaro: Hildebrandslied – Es taget vor dem Walde – Zart liep
Thomas Stoltzer: Octo Tenorum Melodia, Septimi Toni
Orlande de Lassus: Carmina chromatico, Prologue
Lassus: Musica, Dei donum optimi
Josquin Despres: Il Fantazies du Joskin
Costanzo Festa: Contraponto Ottogesima Prima
Costanzo Antegnati: Canzon La borga
Claudio Merulo: Canzona Prima
Praetorius: Pazzameze
Scheidt: Alamande
Praetorius: Volta


Piffaro, The Renaissance Band
Joan Kimball & Bob Wiemken, Artistic Directors

Grant Herreid, lute, guitar, recorders, shawm & percussion
Priscilla Herreid, shawm, schalmei, recorders, krumhorn & bagpipe
Greg Ingles, sackbut, straight trumpet, recorders & krumhorn
Joan Kimball, shawm, dulcian, recorders, krumhorn & bagpipes
Erik Schmalz, sackbuts, straight trumpet, recorders, krumhorn & string drum
Bob Wiemken, dulcians, recorders, krumhorn & douçaine

Guest Artist: Fiona Last, shawms, dulcian, recorders & bagpipe