Young Artist Training Program

Young Artists Training Program

Inaugurated in 2011 by BEMF Opera Director Gilbert Blin, the Boston Early Music Festival’s Young Artists Training Program nurtures talented young singers and dancers, offering them an invaluable chance to participate in the making of a fully-staged Baroque opera from rehearsal through performance at the highest level. Young Artists spend four immersive weeks in Boston, working closely with BEMF’s world-class team of Directors – Artistic Co-Directors Paul O’Dette & Stephen Stubbs, Opera Director Gilbert Blin, Orchestra Director Robert Mealy, and Dance Director Melinda Sullivan – singers, instrumentalists, choreographers, dancers, actors, and technical personnel, as well as with visiting specialists and scholars.

Each young artist prepares a lead role dramatically as well as musically/choreographically, as if they were to perform it, and follows all of the musical and stage rehearsals for that part. During the course of rehearsals, and in special sessions conducted by the directors and other world-renowned specialists in music, staging, and dance, participants benefit from a consistent approach to the repertoire, and receive training in the physical aspects and body language on stage. Each Young Artist also performs one or more supernumerary characters in the staged opera, with some mime, dancing, and short choral segments when appropriate. Although these are often not fully sung or danced roles, performing these characters allows for thorough practical work on all non-singing and non-dancing aspects of the opera performance. Participants are encouraged to develop their technical knowledge of the music and text by reading and analysis, and also to learn about and improve their cultural approach to the early music styles.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Fay by email at or by calling 617-661-1812.