BEMF at Home

BEMF at Home

The urgent need for social distancing has seen opera houses and concert halls fall silent as the arts community unites to keep ourselves and our audiences safe. To allow you to experience some of BEMF's beautiful music at home, we are sharing a selection of videos and streaming audio showcasing past BEMF presentations, including clips from fully-staged operas and behind-the-scenes previews from videographer Kathy Wittman of Ball Square Films, and streaming concerts from our friends at 99.5 WCRB. We invite you and your family to enjoy these wonderful performances while we all stay at home.


Enjoy a special 30-minute excerpt from Campra's Le Carnaval de Venise—the Centerpiece Opera of the 2017 Festival. This thrilling production depicted the delights of the Venetian Carnival season, including a trip to the opera house within the opera itself for "Orfeo nell'Inferi".  Learn More »

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2019 | Orlando Generoso

The Centerpiece Opera of the 2019 Festival, Agostino Steffani's Orlando generoso is a fantastical journey to a world of wizards and knights as the valiant Orlando spirals into self-doubt and madness. LEARN MORE »

LISTEN NOW to a streaming broadcast from 99.5 WCRB.

"In quest’alma"

"Anco voi, donne mie care"

"Se t'ecclissi / Vive stelle"

"Negli eccessi"

"Mal concertate"

"Io dunque senz’armi / Miserie"

Finale Chaconne


2018 | Alcina

Francesca Caccini created the first opera by a woman composer, a brilliant entertainment full of wit, magic, and drama as noble Melissa rescues Ruggiero from the sorceress Alcina. Alcina will receive an encore presentation at the June 2021 Festival. LEARN MORE »


2017 | Le Carnaval de Venise

This enchanting opéra-ballet by André Campra follows a quartet of squabbling lovers as they experience the delights of Carnival season in exotic Venice. LEARN MORE »

2016 | VERSAILLES: Portrait of a Royal Domain

A musical feast inspired by the splendor and majesty of Versailles, this production featured chamber operas by Charpentier and Lalande. LEARN MORE »

Charpentier's Les Plaisirs de Versaillesis available on CD from BEMF!

Scenes from VERSAILLES: Portrait of a Royal Domain

"Grand Roi tout couvert de lauriers"

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2015 | The Monteverdi Trilogy

The Centerpiece of the 2015 Festival was a groundbreaking presentation of BEMF's own productions of all of three of Monteverdi's surviving operas—Ulisse, Poppea, and Orfeo. LEARN MORE »

Behind-the-Scenes Preview


2014 | La serva padrona & Livietta e Tracollo

In this double-bill of Neapolitan comic opera, humor and love abound in two delightfully bawdy masterpieces by Pergolesi. LEARN MORE »

"Ah, Serpina"

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2013 | Almira

Written when the composer was only 19, Handel's Almira takes us to the court of Castile for a dazzling story of intrigue and romance. LEARN MORE »

Available on CD from BEMF!

"Proveri di che fiere saette"

"Der Himmel wird straffen dein falsches Gemüht"

"Ich will gar von nichts wissen"

"Ich will euch verdammen"

"Du irrst dich, mein Licht"

"Laß das Schicksal blitzen, wittern"

"Fernando stirbet dein"

"Wer ums Geld und Hoheit willen"

2012 | Orfeo

Widely regarded as the first great opera, Monteverdi's Orfeo features one of opera’s most adored stories, in which the heroic Orfeo endures the tragic death of his beloved Euridice, and travels to the underworld to plead for her return. LEARN MORE »

"Possente spirto"

Scene from Orfeo

Looking Back at Monteverdi's Orfeo

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2011 | La Descente d’Orphée aux Enfers & La Couronne de Fleurs

These two magnificent chamber operas by Charpentier were also the subject of a GRAMMY Award-winning recording. LEARN MORE »

Available on CD from BEMF!

Scene from La Descente d'Orphée aux Enfers

"Demeurez toujours avec nous"

Looking Back at Charpentier's Orphée

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2011 | Niobe, Regina di Tebe

Composed in 1688 and inspired by the mythological tale by Ovid, Niobe tells the tragic story of the Queen of Thebes and her husband Anfione. LEARN MORE »

Available on CD from BEMF!

"Sfere amiche"

"Trà bellici carmi"

Scenes from Niobe, Regina di Tebe

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2010 | Dido and Aeneas

A landmark in operatic history, Purcell’s masterpiece vividly recounts the joyous love between the Queen of Carthage and the Trojan hero Aeneas, and their ill-fated separation, leading inexorably to Dido’s famous dying lament. LEARN MORE »

Scene from the Dido and Aeneas dress rehearsal.

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

2009 | Acis and Galatea

Handel’s original 1718 version of Acis and Galatea contains a significant amount of wit and self-parody, depicting the love affair between the nymph Galatea and the shepherd Acis, whose reunion is thwarted by the monster Polyphemus. LEARN MORE »

Available on CD from BEMF!

"Oh, the pleasure of the plains!"

"The flocks shall leave the mountains"

Scenes from Acis and Galatea

Behind-the-Scenes Preview

BEMF Ensembles

The BEMF Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles assemble an all-star roster of Early Music instrumentalists. In addition to performing for all of BEMF's opera productions, they have been featured in a number of outstanding concert performances.

HEAR Handel's La Resurrezione with the BEMF Orchestra and a cast of acclaimed soloists—streaming now at 99.5 WCRB.

HEAR the BEMF Orchestra and soloists in a program inspired by the theatrical orchestra of Jean-Philippe Rameau—streaming now at 99.5 WCRB.

WATCH the BEMF Chamber Ensemble perform selections from our recent recording of Duets of Love and Passion by Agostino Steffani.


Album Trailer

Guest Artists & Ensembles

The Boston Early Music Festival brings some of the world's most exciting and engaging ensembles to Boston as a part of our annual concert series and at our biennial Festivals. Here are some recent performances that have been broadcast by our friends at 99.5 WCRB.

HEAR divine motets by Charpentier with Ensemble Correspondances—streaming now at 99.5 WCRB.

HEAR music from the reign of Elizabeth I with Stile Antico—streaming now at 99.5 WCRB.